Home Fire Education Program


Optimum Home Safety is a National Initiative, we work with predominately Home Owners, but also tenants, and our Grey Nomads in boats and caravans with a real concern about their fire safety and protecting and their family’s life in their home fire.

Optimum Home Safety is a community-based Fire Education Program where we go into the home and educate people about the deadly smoke alarm problem here in Australia and many other fire safety aspects to help you be the hero the night of your fire. We are changing the misunderstanding and the culture of “shell be right mate” about fire. This Australian culture in home fires is killing families like yours, in home fires, every week.

There is no second chance with fire.  Fire has no remorse; it will take everything.

There is a major problem in Australia: 97% of homes have the ionisation smoke alarms, they go off when we cook. Not sure if that has ever happened to you?  But It happens to many people and it gives people a false sense of security, we are becoming complacent and decentralized to these false alarms and we just put up with them going off, thinking they will go off in a real fire and this simply could not be further from the truth.  They have been banned in QLD now and soon to be Australia wide, but homes are still burning and people getting injured or dying in these homes with these types of smoke alarms.

These types of alarms have a 55% probable failure rate in a real fire of a night, the slow smoldering fire, the ones that kill of a night. Or rip the batteries out or take them off the ceiling, now they have a 100% failure rate.  Does this sound familiar?

Sadly, 99% of people do not know the problem and there are an average 55 people dying every year in home fires in Australia, whilst, at the same time, we have not had a reported loss of life since 1971.

We have saved thousands of people in home fires since 1971 whilst at the same time we have estimated approx. 2,000,000 people have either died or been injured in home fires.

In our fire awareness and preparedness education program and free fire and smoke alarm evaluation, our professionally trained fire and home safety advisor will go through the following and much more;

  • Our Safety Advisors will show you why today we are more likely to have a DEADLY FIRE in our home anytime anywhere and have as little as 2 minutes to escape.
  • Our Safety Advisors will show you how to prevent a fatal fire
  • Our Safety Advisors will show you how to be better prepared for a fatal fire
  • Our Safety Advisors show you how to get out in time when you have a fatal fire
  • Our Safety Advisors will show you the hot spots in your home that are starting fires in every home including yours, every day.
  • Our Safety Advisors will help you with a meeting spot that all your family now where to meet the night of your fire
  • Our Safety Advisors will leave you with some fire prevention checklists and gifts
  • Our Safety Advisors will show you operation E.D.I.T.H Exit Drills and how to practice fire drills in the home
  • The shocking truth about the flaws in basic photo-electric alarms that people are installing to replace ionisation.
  • Our Safety Advisors will make you aware of the Lethal Toxic Carbon Monoxide Silent Killer
  • Our Safety Advisors will make you aware of the water leak problems and lethal mould virus from water leaks
  • Our Safety Advisors will change your understanding of get down low and Go Go Go
  • Our Safety Advisors will give you correct advise where to store your Fire Extinguisher (not in the kitchen)
  • Our Safety Advisors will show you why installing the minimum required by law only protects the minimum and you have a very high chance of someone dying in your home the night of your fire

We are taught a lot of this at schools but 85% of the deaths occur in the home and there is so much more to understand about home fires today.

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